Recent Before & After Photos

Ugly stains on foundation walls

Many homeowners use their unfinished basements for storage.  When ugly stains appear on the lower portion of a foundation wall it could be a sign of larger... READ MORE

Basement back up causes damage in Finished Basement

SERVPRO of Farmington & Farmington Hills Contents Department were called in to Pack out and Inventory all of the contents in the basement so the wet Carpet ... READ MORE

Water Damage causes Mold in Living Room Wall

Here are a before and after photo from Mold removal in a Living Room.  Our crews followed a protocols from a indoor air quality investigation firm that sup... READ MORE

Cleaning a Commercial Restroom after a drain backup

SERVPRO of Farmington & Farmington Hills helped a local business clean up after a backup occurred in the restroom.  Here is the before picture of the d... READ MORE

Mold Clean up in an attic in Westland

SERVPRO of Farmington & Farmington Hills specializes in mold remediation. There are many reasons why you will find mold in your attic.  It can be cause... READ MORE

Graffiti Removal in Redford

Vandalism and graffiti can be very upsetting. It can range from relatively minor pranks to malicious destruction of property. Often simple acts of vandalism, li... READ MORE

House Fire in Farmington Hills, MI

This soot covered kitchen in Farmington Hills, MI was the result of a cooking fire. The homeowner stepped away from the food they were preparing and it caught f... READ MORE

Fire Clean-Up in Farmington Hills, MI

This is a commercial building that caught fire in Farmington Hills, MI. Employees were able to out out the fire using fire extinguishers, however, they were una... READ MORE

Roof Tarp in Farmington Hills, MI

Michigan's high winds recently have been keeping our technicians at SERVPRO of Farmington & Farmington Hills very busy! This tree was knocked over by the wi... READ MORE

Condo Cleaning in Livonia, MI

This condo cleaning was given to us by the City of Livonia, an elderly tenant was being removed from the condo due to the filth and the upkeep it required. Befo... READ MORE